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We set up many Yahoo eGroups so that our customers can keep up to date on our sales/specials, new releases, retirements, etc of certain collectibles and/or animals they collect. Due to new SPAM filters, sometimes our newsletter emails don't always get delivered and we have found Yahoo egroups to be very reliable.


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By Type of Animal:

Birds birds_collectorsaddition
         Birds: Hen on Nest hens_collectorsaddition
         Birds: Owl owls_collectorsaddition
         Birds: Pelican pelicans_collectorsaddition
         Birds: Penguin penguins_collectorsaddition
         Birds: Puffin puffins_collectorsaddition
Camels camels_collectorsaddition
Cats cats_collectorsaddition
         Cats: Siamese Cat siamesecats_collectorsaddition
Cows cows_collectorsaddition
Dogs dogs_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Alaskan Malamute malamutes_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Airedale Terrier airedaleterriers_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Basset Hound bassethounds_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Beagle beagles_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Bichon Frise bichonfrise_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Border Collie bordercollies_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Bloodhound bloodhounds_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Boston Terrier bostonterriers_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Boxer boxers_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Bull Terrier bullterriers_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Bulldog bulldogs_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Chihuahua chihuahuas_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Cocker Spaniel cockerspaniels_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Collies collies_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Dachshund dachshunds_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Dalmatian dalmatians_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Doberman dobermans_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: German Shepherd germanshepherds_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Greyhound greyhounds_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Irish Setters irishsetters_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Jack Russell Terrier jackrussells_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Labrador Retriever labs_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Lhasa Apso lhasaapsos_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Poodle poodles_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Maltese maltese_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Mastiff mastiffs_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Pomeranian pomeranians_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Pug pugs_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Rottweiler rottweilers_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Samoyed samoyed_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Schnauzer schnauzers_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Scottish Terrier scotties_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Shar-Pei sharpeis_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Sheepdogs sheepdogs_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Shetland Sheepdog shelties_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Shih Tzus shihtzus_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Siberian Husky siberianhuskies_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Springer Spaniel springerspaniels_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Vizsla yorkies_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Weimaraner weimaraners_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Welsh Corgi welshcorgis_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: West Highland Terrier westies_collectorsaddition
         Dogs: Yorkshire Terrier vizslas_collectorsaddition
Elephants elephants_collectorsaddition
Frogs frogs_collectorsaddition
Foxes foxes_collectorsaddition
Giraffes giraffes_collectorsaddition
Hedgehogs hedgehogs_collectorsaddition
Hippos hippos_collectorsaddition
Horses horses_collectorsaddition
Koalas koalas_collectorsaddition
Ladybugs ladybugs_collectorsaddition
Lions lions_collectorsaddition
Meerkats meerkats_collectorsaddition
Mice mice_collectorsaddition
Pigs pigs_collectorsaddition
Panda Bears pandas_collectorsaddition
Polar Bears polarbears_collectorsaddition
Puffins puffins_collectorsaddition
Rabbits bunnies_collectorsaddition
Rhinos rhinos_collectorsaddition
Skunks skunks_collectorsaddition
Squirrels squirrels_collectorsaddition
Turtles turtles_collectorsaddition
Unicorns unicorns_collectorsaddition
Wolves wolves_collectorsaddition
Zebras zebras_collectorsaddition


By Manufacturer:

A Breed Apart breedapart_collectorsaddition
Artesania Rinconada rinconada_collectorsaddition
Blenko Glass blenkoglass_collectorsaddition
Boyd's Crystal Art Glass boydglass_collectorsaddition
Butterfly Fairies butterflyfairies_collectorsaddition
Call of the Wolf callofthewolf_collectorsaddition
Catwalk catwalk_collectorsaddition
Country Artists countryartists_collectorsaddition
Degenhart Glass degenhart_collectorsaddition
Fabulous Shell Show fabulousshellshow_collectorsaddition
Fanciful Frogs fancifulfrogs_collectorsaddition
Fish Outta Water fishouttawater_collectorsaddition
Going Ape goingape_collectorsaddition
Harmony Kingdom harmonykingdom_collectorsaddition
Hot Diggity hotdiggity_collectorsaddition
Jim Shore jimshore_collectorsaddition
Mosser Glass mosserglass_collectorsaddition
Orient and Flume orientandflume_collectorsaddition
Poultry in Motion poultryinmotion_collectorsaddition
Raku Pottery rakupottery_collectorsaddition
Salt & Pepper Shakers saltpepper_collectorsaddition
Speed Freaks speedfreaks_collectorsaddition
The Trail of Painted Ponies paintedponies_collectorsaddition
Tuskers tuskers_collectorsaddition
WhimsiClay whimsiclay_collectorsaddition
Yardbirds yardbirds_collectorsaddition


By Character:

Garfield garfield_collectorsaddition



Angels angels_collectorsaddition
Clowns clowns_collectorsaddition
Teapots teapots_collectorsaddition


Glass items by Color:

Carnival Glass carnivalglass_collectorsaddition
Cobalt Glass cobaltglass_collectorsaddition
Milk Glass milkglass_collectorsaddition
Ruby Red Glass rubyredglass_collectorsaddition
Vaseline Glass vaselineglass_collectorsaddition


More egroups to come.....


Please contact us with any questions:


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